Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homemade love.

 In the lovely small town that I call home, holiday decor is limited to the cheap, everyone has it, same ol' Wal-Mart specials. Not that I don't love me some inexpensive holiday spruce up, but sometimes I just want something a little different. Enter wanna-be Pottery Barn tree. Total cost out of pocket for me was less than $2 for the yarn I found on clearance at Fred Meyer. I already had the styrofoam cone and just wrapped and wrapped and wrapped up and down and around the cone, securing with hot glue at the bottom to begin and end with. When I was done with that I cut hearts out of pink felt and used tiny shirt pins from my husband's new shirts to pin them on. The plan being that this tree can have interchangeable decor on it. Come Christmas time I can remove the hearts and pin on Christmas decor. Or add blue and white stars for 4th of July. Chances of any of that happening are slim to none, but it's a great thought.
 I loved how this construction paper heart garland turned out too. Easiest, least expensive decor you can make. Staple strips of paper together to make hearts and then string together, and voila! You have an adorable Valentine garland.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm Deej. A married, SAHM to five beautiful children. I've been married to my best friend for (almost) 10 years. My first initials are D.J. and my parents grew up calling me Deej. Then my husband and one of my cousins/old roommate/friend are among the elite that call me Deej. Want to be friends? Now you can too.